This dog is living the Yuc Life! 1030 AM and the sun is just starting to flex his muscles and this dog is in doggy dream land in nice patch of shade in the town square in MOTUL. I love MOTUL. It is really green during the day, mucho Verde, and gets very dark at night, mui negro and my spanish still need alot of work... YES ANGEL HOGAN THIS DOG IS ALIVE! a


this is the email i sent to my parents this morning....

       I remember my Mother telling me one day that she always thought that I would become a Warrior for Peace some day.  These were the thoughts she had when I was in her womb.  These were the thoughts that fed me as my cells divided and my body and soul started to develop, the finest parts of my mother combining with those of my Father. 

     That Warrior for Peace is an oxymoron does not disturb me in the slightest.  It is important to be able to hold many points of view in your mind.  To have an open mind.  To consider all viewpoints in order to understand the Universe better.  Are we all not on the Same Journey, facing the same questions?  I embrace the confusion and try to learn something from it and try to make one good decision after another.  This is the next step on my journey.  This is where I am today.  I want to share some insights that I had about them and thank you both for the lovely womb stew that I was able to enjoy a half a century ago.  It took me a few decades to start to understand where you were coming from. 

     I woke to thoughts of perfect, universal LOVE.  This is the only fact that is important right now.  The rest is misunderstood details about the journey.  We are all on the same journey.  Let's simplify the concept with song lyrics, "We are Stardust."

     There is however, a fly in the ointment, a buzz in the speaker, a problem with reception.  The problem is bigger for the fly though.  Let us consider him for a momentito.  From the flies point of reference.

     He's really struggling, that little fella.  Churning all six of his tiny little legs, flapping his wings like crazy, cursing his fly God's cruel nature.  Thing's look pretty bleak for him, for who would take a moment to save a fly, he who would find a fly gal and lay little maggot eggs in out fruits and feces.  He of the annoying buzz and the terrible manners, ruiner of picnics and vomitus  ingestion methods.  Flies eat by puking on you and then slurping up the soupy yummi-ness.  They are easy to misjudge.  They are on their own journey. 

     The details of our Journey are there to be celebrated as the lessons that they are in our development.  Each irritating detail another teacher.  The annoyance you attach to the details is something you have to be taught.  What is it about living that annoys you so?  Take steps to avoid similar annoyances in the future.  Remove the perceived causes of your frustrations and re-evaluate your life from a different perspective. 
Test the waters.  Are you happy?  Today I am, and that's all I got, and that's a lot! 
     The future is a concept and the past is remembered differently by everybody.  Connect a string of wonderful "nows" together.  Share your joy.  Learn from the fly that shit happens.  How we deal with it is what makes us sane or insane.  I choose sanity.  I choose love.  Help another soul find their way, help them to frame their struggle in a healthy way. 

     Do not allow negative energy into your life, except to laugh at it and send it on it's way.  "Begone with you foul money demon and take the demon of regret with you.  This is a UNIVERSAL LOVE JAWN that we are all participating in here.  You don't know it yet because you have had some bad teachers, I love you for being who you are and trying to do a good job for your unholy boss, but I am a being of light.  You have no power in the universe of LOVE, the place my soul dwells. 

     I am a limited creature who woke up with a small taste of cosmic love in my mouth and found I liked it.  I choose to focus my energy on understanding and nurturing this.  Just as I do not understand the way of the fly, I do not understand the way of the demons, but he is just a dude, with limited understanding like my own, doing his best to get by.  Trying to find his own demon peace.  Chasing his pleasures the best way he can, but sorry, demon dude, you are not invited to this party.  Take a little doggy bag of love with you on your way out, have a nice life, things get better, trust me.  I was once a money demon too.  I was once wracked with guilt.  I was once a hurt and frustrated pain-filled creature until i realized that that was a self-perpetuating spiral , a drag on my spirit and the spirit of those around me, and I took small steps to make small changes and feel I am on the right path once again, but what fo I know.  This is

    Do you wake up filled with the sense of universal love and take one joyous breath after another?  It can happen.  The way is the way of Gratitude.

     Thank the cool morning air for being such a delicious couunter-point to the furnace of the afternoon sun in Mexico.  Tell the sun as it rises that you are grateful for the way he helps your garden out and for all that great, free vitamin D.  Plan the best day possible in those morning moments, when you are closer to unconsciousness and clear thinking  than you ever will be again until the next time, and adapt and adjust you plan according to the details of the day.

     I woke up happy and that was pretty fine with me.  I am sending you this message of UNIVERSAL LOVE and saying I will get to the rest when I get to the rest.  I have to trust that the conversation I had with the sun this morning was the assignment that the universe had for me today.  And that this is a pretty good start for now, a step in the right direction and to finish with another song... "love is all you need,"

 its easy..

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