This dog is living the Yuc Life! 1030 AM and the sun is just starting to flex his muscles and this dog is in doggy dream land in nice patch of shade in the town square in MOTUL. I love MOTUL. It is really green during the day, mucho Verde, and gets very dark at night, mui negro and my spanish still need alot of work... YES ANGEL HOGAN THIS DOG IS ALIVE! a


     On my first day of English Language class for teens here in the Yucatan I posed this question to my class.  Which is a better name for me " Lingo Gringo or Language Luchador?"  I feel very much like a wrestler or Godzilla most days here in the Yucatan.  I tend to tower.  The kid felt that there were negative connotations to the word "gringo" and like the metaphor of the wrestler, wrestling those nasty irregular English verbs into submission for them.  Maybe that will be the name of the language school that I start somewhere down the road.  I have the name.  That's the hardest part of the creation process.  Naming something brings it into existence. 

     I am always polite to my hosts in this country and often thank the kids for California and Texas.  I keep trying to give them Florida back, but they don't want that collection of gun-toting nut-jobs associated with them either.

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