This dog is living the Yuc Life! 1030 AM and the sun is just starting to flex his muscles and this dog is in doggy dream land in nice patch of shade in the town square in MOTUL. I love MOTUL. It is really green during the day, mucho Verde, and gets very dark at night, mui negro and my spanish still need alot of work... YES ANGEL HOGAN THIS DOG IS ALIVE! a

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Godzilla in Mexico

     A six foot tall 275 pound rugby brute gets the same reception in the Yucatan as Godzilla got in Tokyo.  It doesn't help that when I sit on the doll furniture in most of these houses it often breaks.  I average about a chair a week down here.  The stone tile floors are also great for braking glasses, coffee cups and bowls.  I leave a trail of destruction in my wake.

     When I went shopping at the Farmer's market in the center of town I felt like a bit of a curiosity.  Kids stared, slack-jawed.  women looked away quickly, or out of the corner of their eyes.  Grandmothers stared and discussed my oddity.  It didn't stop the locals from shoving by me in the market.  In the Yucatan, if you are in the way, someone is squeezing by and then five more.  The busses are the best for this.  the lucky ones get seats.  Then the others cram into the bus like so many sardines and when it's time to get off someone is getting a face full of my ass, depending on the way I am being shoved.  Low center of gravity is the answer.  They have it and I better hold on.  It's kind of fun and kind of sexy actually.  Everybody hoping that the stinky guy isn't standing next to them, getting a good whiff of crotch stink occasionally, (it does get warm down here.)

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