This dog is living the Yuc Life! 1030 AM and the sun is just starting to flex his muscles and this dog is in doggy dream land in nice patch of shade in the town square in MOTUL. I love MOTUL. It is really green during the day, mucho Verde, and gets very dark at night, mui negro and my spanish still need alot of work... YES ANGEL HOGAN THIS DOG IS ALIVE! a

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

                            The backyard in the house my YUC TRIBE is renting is full of building rubble.. 

                     I am told that it is typical for yards to just fill up over the years, I am making this a garden.
      A broken toilet, concrete waste from a collapsed wall of a building.  They make them fast here, like a kid with a set of blocks, cubes rise all around you in the cities in the Yucatan. 

        And YUCATECCANS love our walls.  everyone has their walled yard and cinder block homes and they are cheap and fast to build. 

                      To live in the Yucatan is to get used to waiting for things. 

           It's really too hot to rush anything, Tranquillo, Tranquillo......

   To live the yuc life is to hear the iguanas in your back yard tearing through your compost pile as they eat the tastiest parts.  This guy lives in the cinderblock roof and sleeps three feet from where I hang my hammock, IN my wall.  Here he is plotting to eat the tomato plants on my porch.

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