This dog is living the Yuc Life! 1030 AM and the sun is just starting to flex his muscles and this dog is in doggy dream land in nice patch of shade in the town square in MOTUL. I love MOTUL. It is really green during the day, mucho Verde, and gets very dark at night, mui negro and my spanish still need alot of work... YES ANGEL HOGAN THIS DOG IS ALIVE! a

Friday, August 7, 2015

mexican hotties

the mall up the street is filled with perfect women 
searching for the perfect plastic assesory
i frequently use the air-conditioning there
after an hour of walking in the sun
i see hottie whiplash all the time
they glance at me like you do at a traffic accident
frequently giggling, if a group
but then they over-correct
snapping their necks looking as far away from me as possible if i smile
i get it
but i guess that's a hidden cost of hottie-dom
i'm just smiling
hottie, don't hurt yourself
the neck brace place wants to hire me

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